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Functie omschrijving Locatie
Bediende telesales te Antwerpen! (m/v) Snelle opstart!Berchem
5 commerciële medewerkers telesales (m/v) LampirisHasselt
Klantenadviseur (m/v) telecom te MaastrichtHasselt
Technische klantendienst Telenet (m/v)Hasselt
Sales advisors (m/v) te MaastrichtHasselt
Adviseurs (m/v) voor toonaangevend nutsbedrij gezocht!Hasselt
Administratief klantendienstmedewerker te Antwerpen (v/m) m/vAntwerpen
Vendeurs Télécom! (h/f) à BruxellesBrussel
Télévendeurs au top (h/f) à BruxellesBrussel
Inbound Sales Medewerkers te IPG Antwerpen (m/v)Antwerpen
Administratief medewerker Zalando te Diegem (v/m) m/vDiegem
4 Klantendienst medewerkers voor mediabedrijf- IPG te Leuven (M/V)Leuven
Deeltijdse klantendienstmedewerkers voor Bosch gezocht! - IPG Leuven m/vLeuven
Technische klantendienstmedewerkers NL/FR voor bekend merk - IPG te Leuven m/vLeuven
Commerciële medewerkers gezocht voor energieleverancier- IPG Leuven m/vLeuven
First line IT Helpdesk Medewerker (vast) - IPG te Leuven (m/v)Leuven
Administratief Klantendienst medewerker te Diegem (v/m) m/vDiegem
Administratief medewerker voor ZALANDO (m/v)Diegem
ZALANDO - Fashionista’s/fashionisto’s gezocht! m/vDiegem
ZALANDO - Fashionboys/girls gezocht! m/vDiegem
Klantendienst medewerker bij ZALANDO (m/v)Diegem
ZALANDO cherche des conseillers à la clientèle (h/f)Diegem
Télévendeur de qualité (h/f) chez IPG à BruxellesBrussel
Klantenadviseur Premium Automerk (m/v) te AntwerpenBerchem
Klantendienstmedewerker Turks/Engels te IPG Antwerpen (m/v)Berchem
Collaborateur Service à la Clientèle à Waremme h/fWaremme
Kwalitatieve televerkopers te IPG Leuven (m/v)Leuven
Topverkopers gezocht in regio Leuven (m/v)Leuven
Luxus-Firma sucht Customer Care Advisors h/fBerchem
Commerciele profielen gezocht te IPG Leuven (m/v)Leuven
Verkoper op afstand m/vLeuven
Klantendienstmedewerkers in Hasselt voor international Bedrijf m/vHasselt

The only job where . . .

  • "This is the first job where I've worked a night shift. It's a lot of responsibility, being the only one in the office, but it's got a lot going for it too. I take my shoes off and walk around the office in my socks all night."

    Tom, Multiclient Leuven

  • "The people here are friendly, relaxed and really helpful. And it probably doesn't make sense, but the work here is challenging except in a good way. And there's a lot of variety. I always smile when I work and now everyone has probably started calling me 'Smiley'. "

    Eric, Telenet Hasselt

  • "This is the only job where I've enjoyed the work and the people I work with so much. It doesn't even feel like work, it just feels like being me. It's 200% me: 100% Work-Me and 100% Normal-Me, both at once."

    Mustafa, Telenet Hasselt

  • "Working for big companies, it's feels like I'm just another cog in the system ready to be replaced if there's a problem. Working here, it feels like I'm the one and only person who can do my job the way I do it. And this is a good thing! It's a wonderful feeling, being able to make a job 'mine'!"

    Nicole, Telenet Hasselt

  • "This is the only place where I've been shown so much respect. Management are friendly and when there are problems, they ask everyone for opinions. And they actually listen when we ask them questions or make suggestions. It's so satisfying."

    Ufuk, Telenet Hasselt

  • "This is the only job where Management is relaxed about me having a tattoo. When I started, I asked them if it was a problem and they just went, "Nah, of course not. Don't you know how many of our customers have tattoos?" They actually get it."

    David, Belgacom Mobile Brussel

  • "When we speak to clients, we can actually tell that they're happy. Someone said we sow seeds of happiness in the clients and make them grow with our lovely personalities. Disturbing. If we make them happy in a normal, sane way, it makes me happy too."

    Yasmina, Proximus Leuven

  • "Management asked me to come to a meeting. I was so worried, but instead, they said they wanted me to know they'd noticed how hard I'd been working. They said they wanted to thank me, and just like that, they gave me a bonus. It was just so good to be appreciated. I was on cloud nine for weeks. "

    Mohamed, Flex Team Brussel

  • "At first, working here seemed weird, not having to put on my 'work-face' or talk to clients the way other people wanted me to talk to clients. All I had to do was be the real Inge. It's such a stress relief. Now, I put my energy into my work and clients instead of watching the clock."

    Inge, Belgacom Mobile Brussel

  • "We were joking with management about getting free ice-cream on hot days. Or at least I thought we were joking - when it got hot, they actually went out and bought ice-cream for everyone. The only problem is no one ever believes me!"

    Tiffany, Belgacom Mobile Brussel

  • "When I started at this job, they told me to make myself at home, so I brought a little Smurf to go on my desk. When my boss saw it, he just laughed and asked if the Smurf answers the phone. Then, a few days later, he called my phone and asked to speak to the Smurf."

    Estelle, Mobile Expert

  • "This is the only job where anyone has shown interest in my IT background and experience. First they asked me to do a couple of IT jobs for them. Then they asked me teach a few little computer-related things to some of the other staff members. Nowadays, I probably spend about half my time teaching people who actually like learning from me! "

    Stijn, Project Trainer